Brenda van der beek
231 Chestnut St
North Andover, MA 01845


My geometric abstractions are a composition of the the urgent, the calm and the chaotic, the rational and the irrational. I am interested in mapping digested moods and experiences into a psychological terrain through linear and geometric structures, patterns and color. I end up with a visual map that is a depiction of the organization of the mind. Creation out of my imagination brings along the turbulence of everyday life. Through visualization and then translation to imagery it is possible to make sense of the disorder.

Every painting and mixed media drawing commands either a dominant geometric structure, a protagonist if you will, structural elements, or a composition of both. The urgency in the work lies in the need to build in two dimensions by constantly searching for an assemblage of connections and relationships. I work without any planning as this seems to stifle me and work everything out in the making. The mixed media work came after having painted on canvas for years and they opened up new and unexpected results. The fusion of my love for linear elements and the search for a geometric landscape drives every piece as I attempt to work beyond merely the formal. 

It was not until later in my life, after my father passed away, that I made a connection to his profession as a builder and remembered watching him drawing plans and blueprints. Whether it be nature or nurture, my love for architectural imagery and elements has a very meaningful and personal connection to the work.

In the end I look at my work in the role of a viewer, as if someone else was the creator, needing to see a tension between the unclear and the resolved. Fluidity, rigidity and some measure of equilibrium generate the eventual mixed media drawing or painting.

Not until that moment do I declare the work finished.